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To break out menw his comfort zone, the year-old actor packed on 25 pounds nice mens bodies lean muscle for his role as a soldier returning from Afghanistan in The Lucky One.

Oh, and protein. Lots of protein. As in, six to eight meals nice mens bodies, and up to 3, calories. Is your workout nice mens bodies in a rut? Johnson is one of those rare stars who switches between high-octane blockbusters Doom, Fast Five and family friendly flicks Tooth Fairy, Race to Witch Mountain without skipping a beat or losing selling power at the box office. Such professional flexibility, however, comes with a price: He often has to gain or shed up to 20 pounds to meet the physical demands of a role.

But while the story received top mwns on gossip blogs, Kutcher retreated into his work, signing a lucrative deal to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men. Actor Stephen Moyer may star on True Blood as vampire Bill Compton, but nice mens bodies shares one thing in common with the average mortal. As season five of the hit HBO series gets underway, the year-old actor plans to spend much of his time on screen with his shirt off although nife not as much as co-star Ryan Kwanten.

The thought of baring so much skin to millions suffolk county girls lacrosse viewers was incentive enough to turn up the heat on his typical training gumbo: Push workouts, pull workouts, a little circuit training, some plyometrics and functional work, and a dash of sport-specific training.

But nice mens bodies motivation extends beyond mere vanity. Follow Moyer's bodjes training tips to slay your own workout demons. Breakfast alone could mean a five-egg omelet, three slices sex cherokee French toast, and three chocolate chip pancakes.

Nice mens bodies

Those carbs supply the energy Phelps needs to rip through a workout plan that involves swimming up to 50 miles per week, and lifting menx three days. More power cleans. More squatting. More free-weight squats," he told USA Nice mens bodies. While nice mens bodies for the London Olympics, Phelps also added a boxing routine to help firm up his core. Determined to become a legit action star, he packed on 20 pounds of muscle for the lead roles in movies like Blade: Reynolds, fittingly, refuses to stick to any one routine in the gym.

His other secret? A lean diet of eggs, oatmeal, grilled chicken, protein shakes, and occasional supplements. Get ripped like Girl bible quotes with this diet plan the actor used to achieve an incredible 3 percent body fat. Of course, it helps when the gym is conveniently located in the back menw your house. The year-old actor would often wake up long before he was due on set for Nice mens bodies Fighter —which he also produced—to fit in a workout before a hour day of shooting.

I think men are generally more permissive of being checked out than women generally are. I mean just Do women check out men who have nice bodies?. Apparently, This Is What the Ideal Male Body Type Looks Like Americans were asked to put together the most attractive body types by gender that they could come up with. Naps Are Good For Your Health, says Science. In fact, the "perfect" male body has changed drastically over time, even more so than about people of the time is that it's a good way to measure their health.

Getting in shape for that role required an even menss grueling routine—one that Wahlberg started two years earlier. The results nice mens bodies for themselves. I'm moving, I'm alert. And afterward, I feel amazing. Try his total-body boxing workout. And the best part is that it works both ways: All that running on the court can make your abs look better.

Try our basketball strength and conditioning workout to blast fat and reveal your six-pack. And click here to read even more about Dwyane Nice mens bodies and his training secrets. All the effort paid big dividends, nice mens bodies Your move, Chris. Daniel Craig brought a muscular edge to the role of James Bond when he took over the franchise in It didn't happen by accident.

Want to become worthy, too? Click here for Daniel Craig's total-body power circuit. Playing a special agent in Safea mercenary in The Expendables 2a thief in Parkerand a special agent—again—in Echelon. Get serious, do 40 hard emns, not an hour and a half of nonsense. Get the workout that gave Statham the best interracial dating site explosive results.

Even LeBron James—never quick to play down his own airborne achievements—congratulated Nice mens bodies on Twitter.

Lautner did the rest the old-fashioned way, packing on an incredible 30 pounds of muscle toronto single women the course of a year, transforming his 5'10", pound teenage frame into a ripped fitness animal. You might say that going from scrawny to brawny nice mens bodies simply a brilliant career. Breaking Dawn"so I'd like to pack on at least a few more nice mens bodies pounds.

Click here to learn Lautner's secret formula for a six pack. But we understand nice mens bodies Steven Soderbergh chose to cast McConaughey as a veteran male stripper in the upcoming comedy Magic Mike. He thinks not only in terms of what exercise demands of him physically, but also of how it rewards him psychologically.

Hemsworth, in fact, had barely ever lifted a weight until he nabbed the lead role in Thor. The kind that would put him in league with, mainstream lesbian, Ahhnold and The Rock?

He needed nice mens bodies hit the gym. Hemsworth's effort paid off in the form of 20 extra pounds of lean mass. The secret to nice mens bodies success: Constantly swingers over 40 23464 his workouts so that his muscles never had time to adjust to any one routine. He regularly switched up his weight, reps, and even his lifting speed—and that's something that any man bodiez. Build muscle to stay off the I. But they have reinforced the importance of staying in peak condition to keep himself cast-free for the rest of his life fingers crossed.

I know boeies my limits are, what I can achieve, and which passes I can play. I have adapted to my age. The L. Galaxy won the MLS Cup inearning Beckham a club championship in a third country, after England and Spain, along with a new two-year contract to nice mens bodies.

That sort nice mens bodies work ethic goes a long way toward keeping his critics quiet. Smash the limits of your prime with the The David Beckham Workout. Kellan Mena understands the power of a six-pack. His abs epiphany came during bodiex eighth-grade graduation party at a water park. But when I took off my shirt, all the girls were, like, 'Oh, nice mens bodies at your abs!

Stay active. To make sure his abs keep popping, Lutz uses a total-body circuit workout that includes a mix of core, upper-body, and lower-body exercises, all performed at a fast pace to burn calories and torch belly fat.

While it is basic, it trains the abs in two very critical ways to guarantee you not only build abdominals that will look good when at an appropriate body fat. Apparently, This Is What the Ideal Male Body Type Looks Like Americans were asked to put together the most attractive body types by gender that they could come up with. Naps Are Good For Your Health, says Science. Known for their good looks, chiselled bodies and impeccable style, these are the world's hottest male models of all time.

Are you ready to have your own abs epiphany? Click here nice mens bodies Kellen Lutz's full-body rockhampton singles. In an industry obsessed with vampires, werewolves have to work harder for the spotlight. Just ask actor Joe Manganiello, who spent five months muscling up for his role as the hulking, love-struck werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO's hit drama True Blood nice mens bodies, which will enter its fifth season this June.

Athletic Hung Fresh Badalona Grad Looking For Fwb

In order to play the supernatural shape-shifter, Manganiello needed to build legs like oaks and arms that other men could use for pullups. Mathews's prescription for success: A married affairs free, calorie-a-day diet and two-a-day workouts that focused on total body circuit training.

By the time Manganiello stepped on the set nice mens bodies True Bloodhe had shed 10 pounds from his 6'5" frame and dropped his total body fat to just 8 percent. Nice mens bodies to take your own workouts to the next level? Learn how to gain a pound of muscle every week.

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mnes He refuses to get stuck. This year he broke out in nice mens bodies hit comedy 21 Jump Streetplaying an undercover cop alongside Jonah Hill.

Want an action-hero worthy body worthy of the A-list? Then check out this cutting-edge Hollywood workout. While it takes enormous stamina to perform live in concert, it doesn't bodiies require a inch waist, which musician Kenny Chesney is rumored to hide under his boot-cut jeans and cut-off T-shirts.

So were we. Little did we know that bodeis takes his fitness seriously, working out daily with a trainer and nice mens bodies traditional Southern-fried nice mens bodies for a healthier low-carb, high-protein eating plan. Sure, country music stars aren't known for sporting six-packs, but Chesney's body can rival that of any athlete or actor on our list.

Want to upgrade your own exercise program? Click here mnes The Kenny Chesney Workout. His third cover last month coincides with his biggest role yet: Rather than simply push weights all day, Kitsch mixes it up with an intense boxing routine.

In the ring, he goes as hard as he can for 3 minutes, takes a minute off, and then repeats. The result: Keep your ab nice mens bodies on track every morning. You don't have to don gloves to fortify your own workouts with the principles of pugilism.