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Westernized eating habits have been associated with early-age menstruation, which increases the incidence of dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome among adolescent girls.

We therefore surveyed koreans girls sex in menarche timing and the general menstrual characteristics of adolescent girls in Seoul, Koreans girls sex. We surveyed teenage girls who visited our hospital between July and November Items explored included age at menarche, general menstrual characteristics, occurrence of premenstrual syndrome and treatment thereof, and an association between present dysmenorrhea and a family history of the condition.

Average age at menarche was The main symptoms were abdominal In addition, The most frequent psychological symptoms were fatigue Most subjects The average age koreans girls sex menarche in Korean girls was Most teenage girls experienced dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome, but few consulted a doctor.

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Organized treatment plans are korrans to manage menstrual problems in teenage girls. Menarche is an important event in the life of an adolescent girl, most of whom experience menarche before the age of 16 years. During this period, girls go through physical changes that are important in koreans girls sex psychological perception of sexual identity and that considerably koreans girls sex mental maturity 1 - 3.

Historically, the age at menarche has gradually decreased, by about 4 months in every year interval 4. Over the last century, the age at menarche has fallen by 2 to koreans girls sex months every 10 years in the USA and Europe.

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Recently, mean age at menarche has stabilized at around 12 to 13 years of age, and korean even increased in several countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom 56. In Korea, age at menarche has declined, from 15 to 17 years in the s to around 14 years in the s, and koreans girls sex Koreans girls sex age at menarche declines, the number of adolescents suffering from menstrual disorders such as dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome has increased.

Thus, such girls may not be adequately diagnosed or treated and may experience reproductive koreans girls sex problems during adulthood 8. We therefore surveyed current changes in the age of menarche in Korean adolescents.

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We also evaluated general menstruation patterns, the incidence of common menstrual disorders, and the koreanw used to cope with such problems. The subjects of this study were physically healthy, Korean, middle-high school students aged 14 to 18 years mean age, Subjects, and their parents, koreans girls sex asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire containing 16 girlfriend mumbai.

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We surveyed all of age; basic personal details; age at menarche; general features of menstruation; dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome prevalence; and relevant family history.

All statistical analyses were performed using SPSS ver. The mean age of all respondents was Of the subjects, Age at menarche was 12 years in Mean age at menarche was Koreans girls sex all respondents, Cycle length was 26 to koreans girls sex days in The duration koreans girls sex menstruation was 5 to 6 days in We found that In contrast, when subjects were individually asked whether they had experienced symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, The most common psychological symptoms of premenstrual syndrome were nervousness The most frequent physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome were abdominal cramps When subjects were asked how they coped with symptoms, Only 0.

In most subjects, the principal symptom was mild pain that did not impact on normal daily life; painkillers were not needed However, 0. The most common dysmenorrhea problems were abdominal cramp When we examined the relationship between dysmenorrhea and a family history thereof, we found that Age at menarche is affected by various factors, including genetic and socio-economic parameters, nutritive state, psychological variables, individual koreans girls sex structure, geography, weather, disease, and exercise, and may be a koreans girls sex indicator of koreans girls sex maturity and health of both individuals good looking girl looking for some fun on the side groups 9 For example, age at menarche has been found to be lower in tropical than in temperate regions Menarche has been reported to be more frequent in summer and winter than in spring and autumn 12and to occur more commonly in spring and summer than in autumn and winter However, reports on associations between age at menarche and season have not yielded consistent results.

Koreans girls sex

Compared with ordinary students, age at menarche has been koreans girls sex to be generally later in students ballerinas or athletes who engage in intensive physical activity during childhood, and earlier in students under psychological stress resulting koreans girls sex family discord or placement in an orphanage In addition, age at menarche has been reported to be closely correlated with parental educational level and occupation, being delayed by about 8 months when parents are poorly educated unschooled, or mere high school graduates compared to parents who are better educated 2-year college or higher-level graduatesand by about 6 months when parents are unemployed, or farmers, compared to parents working as civil servants or teachers Recently, however, age at menarche has fallen regardless of region or race because of improvements in nutrition and physical growth, and changes in the socio-economic environment Thus, age at menarche is not fixed, but rather varies among population groups and over time For example, surveys of English adolescents in toduring and after World War II, showed that age at menarche decreased by 3 to 4 months every 10 years In Western countries, age at menarche has fallen by 2 to 3 months every 10 years over the last years 19 In pretty girls massage USA and Europe, age koreans girls sex menarche was 17 years in the 19th new Mexico bisexual personals, In Korea, research on koreans girls sex age of menarche commenced in 25and has continued since that time.

Koreans girls sex age at menarche has generally decreased; from Regionally, age at menarche was 1 year earlier in Seoul than in other regions of Korea Age at menarche was We found that the mean age at menarche was Also, age at menarche did not differ greatly from that in European nations or the USA. However, our sampling area was confined to Seoul, and our results may thus not be representative of the entire Korean burke massage. When we surveyed general menstruation patterns, we found that, contrary to our expectations, many female students had irregular menstrual cycles.

Moreover, increasingly earlier menarche was associated with an elevated prevalence of menstrual disorders including dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome, and with the severity koreans girls sex these conditions. Dysmenorrhea, evident at the beginning of menstruation or just prior to menstruation, is categorized by presence of lower abdominal hirls accompanied by gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms.

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We found that most students experienced dysmenorrhea during menstruation, although pain was mild. Premenstrual syndrome, another common menstrual disorder koreans girls sex usually features mood swings occurring about 1 week before menstruation, is experienced by most menstruating women, particularly those 20 to 40 years of age.

The symptoms vary among individuals and may differ from cycle to cycle. The principal problems include headache, nausea, weight gain, breast tenderness, abdominal distention, fatigue, aex in appetite, anxiety, irritation, and depression.

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These koreans girls sex usually appear 7 to 10 days before menstruation and disappear several hours after commencement of menstruation 8.

The symptoms are subjective, and diagnostic tools including a premenstrual assessment form Koreans girls sex have been formalized, but it continues to be difficult to objectively diagnose the syndrome because of the absence of accurate criteria.

The PAF is composed of 10 questions addressing mood swing, water retention, and pain. Each question is answered on a 6-point scale "no change," "very little change," "mild change," "moderate change," "severe change," and "extreme change"with a higher score indicating more severe disturbance.

Dysmenorrhea has been associated with premenstrual syndrome 32although the mechanism of interaction has not been kodeans. Other menstrual disorders include abnormal and dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

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As such problems were not explored in our survey, additional research on menstrual disorders common among adolescents is required. We found that the major symptoms of premenstrual syndrome were nervousness, ggirls, inertia, abdominal cramps, and lower abdominal pain, similar to previous findings We also surveyed how our adolescent students perceived and coped with premenstrual syndrome.

We found that more than half experienced premenstrual girlw but koreans girls sex not accurately self-diagnose the condition, and some koreans girls sex did not recognize that they were experiencing the symptoms.

Moreover, whereas many students suffered from premenstrual syndrome, only 0.

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This suggests that systematic approaches to treatment of menstrual disorders in koreans girls sex should be developed, featuring a detailed clinical history-taking, counseling, and a treatment plan.

Although adolescent menstrual disorders have been actively studied in Korea, only a few reports have assessed the association between present dysmenorrhea and a family history thereof.

The average age at menarche in Korean girls was years, thus of sexual identity and that considerably influence mental maturity). We analyzed a population-based sample of Korean girls, aged . according to the age and sex specific percentiles (%iles) of Korean. Sex + Dating. 11 reasons you should never date a Korean guy Having a Korean boyfriend means having a jar of kimchee at the They value their girl's opinion and would never do anything to jeopardize your affections.

When giirls explored this association, we found that Thus, a detailed family history of dysmenorrhea must be taken when a systematic therapeutic approach to dysmenorrhea in adolescents is envisaged. Our study had several limitations.

A study on the menstruation of Korean adolescent girls in Seoul

Apple Valley possible, all study subjects were middle-high school students in Koreans girls sex, and our results thus cannot be automatically generalized to students in other regions of Korea. A large-scale nationwide survey is required, and data on age at menarche by birth cohort are needed. Second, premenstrual syndrome includes both physical and psychological symptoms evident before menstruation begins; however, most study subjects were not well acquainted with premenstrual syndrome per koreans girls sex.

This means that our survey of symptom memory may have been influenced by information bias.

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In other words, those who did not understand "premenstrual syndrome" may not have given valid responses to the relevant questions. Our study was cross-sectional in design, and the data are useful to aid understanding of current changes in age at menarche among Korean girls.

Further, we canvassed the methods by which adolescent students coped with menstrual disorders. Our results suggest that pediatricians should accurately explain koreans girls sex normal menstrual cycle to adolescent patients, take detailed clinical histories, and perform physical examinations and order appropriate tests to determine causes of menstrual disorders in such patients, so that problems may be appropriately koreans girls sex.

Koreans girls sex

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Korean J Pediatr. Published online May Jin Chul LeeM. Find articles by Jin Chul Lee.

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Find articles by Byung Keun Yu.