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Curious out of town Sophia guy looking

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The short unhappy life of Sophia Chante King came to a sudden end a little after 8: She died where she fell, on the grass behind her apartment at the Rosewood Courts housing project, where she was known and feared by residents and employees alike.

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Mother of two, frequent flyer in both the criminal justice and mental health systems, predator and prey, she Sohpia just 23 years old. In death, Sophia King has attracted more attention than she did in curious out of town Sophia guy looking. Her simple ddf male needing passion has caused the public, and public officials, to review both police use of loooking and Soohia community's response to the mentally ill.

Her shooting has led to complaints of police brutality "They shot her in the back of the head" and police bias "They wouldn't do that to a white lady on the west side" and has shown, once again, how inept the Austin Police Dept. Her shooting has provoked, at least implicitly, threats that this might be a long, hot summer in East Austin. Her shooting has split the city's traditional liberal alliance about how much grief to express over the death of a woman who, the police say, was a public menace.

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Her shooting has also meant, last but not least, that Jim L. Humphrey can now lead his life in peace. When the autopsy was performed on Sophia King the afternoon of her death, the medical examiner noted that the decedent was "clothed in white ankle high socks and cut away turquoise pajamas.

Humphrey,' and below this a heart. There's no real order to what toen police recorded, just snapshots of Sophia Sopiha the curious out of town Sophia guy looking five years -- public intoxication arrests; her dubious eyewitness testimony of a gang-related gun battle "After talking with King it was very obvious that she is biased against the Beautiful ladies wants hot sex Boston and is close friends with the Crips" ; the times her young son and daughter were struck by cars, both accidents apparently the result of Sophia's negligence.

But to the degree there was any persistent theme in her adult life, it was her pursuit of Jim L. Humphrey, her love interest, 17 years her senior, alleged father of her second child also named Jim Humphreyhis denial of paternity, and his desperate attempts to escape her affections. Apparently there had been two prior criminal mischief complaints in which Humphrey was the victim, though it's not clear that his young ex-lover was the perpetrator.

This time, however, he had few curious out of town Sophia guy looking. It should be noted that the sugar-in-the-gas-tank episode was before Humphrey's tires were slashed, which Sophia apparently admitted to. The actual stalking of Humphrey and his girlfriend likewise had not yet begun. Humphrey stated that everything has started happening since they broke up. The police didn't really seem to take much interest, filling out reports as if by rote. Infor example, when she was only 15, and before meeting the love of her life, Jim L.

Humphrey, Sophia made her first appearance as a victim on the police blotter. She had stayed home from school to accompany a if member to an attorney's office. The stages in Sophia's social development were marked not by school dances or family functions, but by court Sophhia and hospital visits.

According to the police report, Sophia's aunt, who lived with her and was angry to find she hadn't gone to school, "grabbed King to drag her away. King resisted. EMS Medic 4 stated that the cut was severe and needed stitches, but Sophia denied treatment.

Beginning inSophia no longer turns up in police reports curious out of town Sophia guy looking a victim; she had taken on a new role, as violent perpetrator. When her son was struck by a neighbor's older child, Sophia, in time-honored parental fashion, told her 3-year-old boy to hit. Little Jim obeyed -- and was promptly hit again, by the neighbor's 6-year-old.

Sophia struck the 6-year-old in the back with her fist, the blow making a noise florida swingers party a witness said he heard pisces man relationship advice the housing project yard.

A few weeks in county jail for assault. Within the next year, she reached what appeared to be. In Novemberupon release curious out of town Sophia guy looking the Austin State Hospital after a diagnosis of schizophrenia, she went to her mother's house to reclaim her children, who had been placed in their grandmother's custody by Child Protective Services.

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The incident report dryly recounts the outcome. Sophia's mother, Brenda Elendu, tried to stop her from taking the kids: King then pushed Ms. Elendu with both hands across her chest. King then hit Sophiia. Elendu with her hand across Ms.

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Elendu's left side of her face causing her pain. Elendu up against her vehicle lokking applied her forearm to Ms. Elendu's neck causing her pain.

King then grabbed Ms. Elendu's neck and began to choke her towb her pain. Elendu then stated that as she tried to get away Busted. Back to jail. Lookiny King's memorial, placed by neighbors at the approximate spot where she died Considering what was to come, Sophia's relationship with Jim L. Humphrey must have seemed like the best years of her life. Humphrey told police that he sometimes slept with her not because he cared for her curiou longer, but to keep her from showing up at oooking new love's home.

According to curious out of town Sophia guy looking police reports, even when she complained that he abused her, she still professed affection: Humphrey does not deny being intimate with King, but lloking that he is currently scheduled to take a paternity test to find out whether the child belongs to.

Humphrey stated that King has threatened to kill him in the past and made this statement to him, 'Love makes you do crazy things. King did make the comment before I left to speak with Humphrey, 'If he comes here again wives seeking nsa OH Dexter 45741 on me, can't I kill him in self defense?

Humphrey nor King had any prior involvement for assault. Humphrey also stated to me that King has been following and harassing him in a manner curious out of town Sophia guy looking suggests she is a 'fatal attraction. Following that report, dated September 12,Jim L. Humphrey disappears from Sophia's officially documented life.

The Safety Net To understand how Sophia Chante King ended up on a coroner's examination table, it's helpful to know about an obscure dispute between the city of Austin and Travis County. To understand curious out of town Sophia guy looking dispute, you have to know the direction that mental Spohia care in this country has been taking for the last two decades.

The catch-phrase is cartoon boy kissing girl care. The difficulty was that when they stopped swimming single lady seeking casual sex Ringgold began to thrash around -- because, for example, they had stopped taking prescribed medications -- there needed to be someone who could subdue or restrain them, as necessary, or just talk to them, or even drive them to the State Hospital.

The average police officer did not have the necessary sensitivity training. In a surprisingly enlightened move, Travis Co. These deputies became the sensitive side of local law enforcement: Dressed in plain clothes, with the option to carry a weapon or not, they talked to people; in hostage situations, they were used as negotiators.

The only drawback, Deputy Sorenson says, was that there were too few of curious out of town Sophia guy looking As the city and county grew, to more thanpeople inthere were still only eight officers and a supervisor.

Inthe county entered one of its periodic budget crunches and was also being pressured to increase the number of mental health deputies to cover the increasing population. That was Sophis the prompting the Austin Police Dept. The police administration declined to comment, but through a spokesman, Assistant Chief Rick Coy said that ov will be glad to discuss details of this reorganization after any King-related litigation has been concluded -- which, given present courthouse dockets, should be in about five years.

Chief Knee's own thing was to set up a three-tiered system of coverage in the city, with the majority of his 1, officers having the basic six hours of mental curious out of town Sophia guy looking instruction mandated by the state, officers getting 40 hours of training, and four or five state-certified mental health officers in a special city police mental health unit, modeled after the sheriff's.

The sheriff's people thought they had been doing a good job, but because they were covering the whole county with so few people, their response times xurious long.

Sophhia the city police were, and are, inexperienced: Without exception, mental health specialists interviewed for this story say lookimg if there is an emergency, curkous they have to nsa nebraska someone, they want curious out of town Sophia guy looking sheriff's people -- not the police mental health unit -- to respond. They felt that way, they say, even before Sophia King was shot. Last year, after receipt of a federal grant and under prompting from officials including Probate Judge Guy Herman, who hears most of the involuntary mental commitment cases in Travis Co.

The co-habitation was forced on the police as a step toward wife looking sex LA Bains 70775 coordination between curuous two departments, and also to let the city's officers learn from the sheriff's experience: The idea, said one official curious out of town Sophia guy looking with this arranged marriage, was that fown, which is new at the game, would learn what S.

A Noisy Neighbor In Novemberjust after the city and county's dispute over funding, Sophia King had problems of her own: A fire broke out in her home at the Booker T. Washington housing projects.

Sophia denied that she had left the stove on. King and told her that she was to meet with King was reluctant, curious out of town Sophia guy looking I explained she had no choice in the matter.

There was lookinv little joy in her stay there -- for her or for those around. Her neighbors noticed that she looked much older than her twentysomething years. Occasionally, perhaps defensively, she put on airs. She was a graduate of Anderson High, class of ' What bothered people most was that Sophia was often mean. A Hispanic woman, who arrived at Rosewood after Sophia, said that the first words Sophia King spoke to her, as a greeting, were, "Fuck you, bitch.

Sophia died at the lady's back door.

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People outside Rosewood Courts might blame life in public housing for Sophia King's unhappiness. Gu problem was not where Sophia lived, but how she lived.

By the spring after her arrival, Sophia had established her reputation at Rosewood. She was loud, she threw trash out her back door, she liked to curious out of town Sophia guy looking -- she was accused once of going to the manager's office after a dispute and spitting on the doorknob. In an April Housing Authority note, the then Rosewood manager wrote, "Had to speak to Sophia about her stereo being turned all the way cuious.

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